Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Death of My Grandpa Free Essays

The sadest day in my life. When I was a child I lived with a important person for me. He was my grandfather, he was my best friend, with him I share the happinest moments of my life. We will write a custom essay sample on The Death of My Grandpa or any similar topic only for you Order Now Everything was hapiness and I lived in a beautiful world. But a horrible moment arrived and everything finished. When I recived the most confusing and sadest news in my life. One morning, my cousin arrived at my home and with her hesitant voice, she told me some news that I didn`t understand. In that moment my mom arrived and she told me that my grandfather had passed away, she said that with some sweet words, because she knew how important he was for me. I could only try understand all the things that people told me, so I went to my grandmother`s house and when I came in, the only thing I saw was the lonely bed of my grandfather; in that moment I felt a inmense sadness in my heart, that moment was when I could understand everything, that I never again my grandfather would be with me. After I had understood everything or tried to understand what had happended, my family and some friends of us met us at the church for offering emotive masss to give the last good bye to my best friend. It has been the most emotive mass that I had ever lived in my life and that I will never forget. When the mass finished, all people went together to the cementary, some men had already prepared everything. When we arrived, the men who carried to my grandfather, let us see him for last time, when I got close to my grandfather I couldn`t believe that the person that was always happy and laughing, nowwas quiet. In that moment , I felt a inmense confusion and loneliness. My parent, my grandfather and my best friend would never be with me again. That day was the sadest in my life. I know that now I have a new angel, but I lost a friend, since that moment until now, I only have memories of that friend whom I spent happy moments in my life. That day was the sadest in my life although I knew that in that moment i would have a great angel for the rest of my life How to cite The Death of My Grandpa, Papers

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