Thursday, November 21, 2019

Planning Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Planning Report - Essay Example This plan establishes strategies and policies which are aimed at achieving the county’s long term vision. Upon its approval, the General Plan will update the 2006 Vicinity and Bowie master plans policies and recommendations. The staff in the meeting wanted to brief the Council on the current re-planning efforts together with the scheduled proposed plan topics goals and the scheduled outreach strategy to the public (Levy, 2012). Elements of the report and those involved in the meeting The meeting took place in November1, 2012 and the main subject of the meeting was County General Plan Update Briefing. The meeting took place in the Council Hearing Room, County Administration Building, and Upper Marlboro in Maryland. The Prince Georgie’s County Planning Commissioners are the ones who participated in the meeting. Accord relative to the agenda Relative to the agenda, an accord was set forth. For example, all items which were listed under the Consent Agenda were distributed t o every member of the Planning Board for review. All items are also considered to be routines and will be acted upon by the Board by one motion. The main agenda for the meeting was to strategize on how the city can update or improve on the 2002 Prince George General Plan and this agenda was followed to the latter. ... This is because the meeting created a room for the participation of all members and also stimulated creativity among the members. This can be attributed to the central location of the meeting which did not make any member feel inconvenienced. The seats in the meeting room were arranged in circle in a way which all the members could see each other. This encourages participation in the meeting and makes every member to feel part of the meeting. The meeting was well coordinated with a leader and all members had their names written on their seats and this is to enhance participation and identification. Water provided to the members provides a nice touch to the meeting and the round table used in the meeting helps to prevent all barriers of communication. What was discussed in the meeting? All the strategies necessary for the improvement of the Prince George General Plan were discussed during the meeting in accordance to the agenda of the meeting (Beatley, 2005). A discussion of the count y wide planning including the James Rowley Training center in the United States Secret Service was discussed together with the Campus master plan update and the proposed development. Improvement of the Kreative Kids Child Care Center was also discussed in the same meeting. The proposed designation of the three Prince Georges County Historic Sites was also discussed in the report as part of its county wide planning division (Levy, 2012). The improvement on Beech Tree, South Village as part of the specific design plan of the meeting was also discussed during the meeting. A detailed site plan of all the projects proposed for improvements were also discussed. Generally, the meeting mainly discussed on all strategies which can help the county in the improvement of the 2002

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