Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Farmer S Child Essay Example

The Farmer S Child Essay Example The Farmer S Child Essay The Farmer S Child Essay it did not cross the stepmothers mind at all that the boys could have been lost, she simply yearned to get rid of them. When intros icing the boys stepmother, the author describes her as Romantic and overgenerous, to her own children at This is an allusion to the fairy tale Cinderella. Cinderella stepmother did not care about the young girl and preferred her own children. The stepmother in The Farmers Children treated her own children with love and affection yet she willingly sent out Coat and Emerson into he freezing cold. Adults should care about all children, who are innocent and vulnerable, notes favor their own. Elizabeth Bishop uses characterization to convey a message of how the different characters in the story play a role in the overall message. Emerson made no distinction between honest and dishonest methods of getting the is one example of how characterization is used within the story. Emerson, who is only eight years old, dreams of having a bicycle and thinks of many obscure, fantasies in which he finally receives the bike. This is an example of his innocence and vulnerability. Usually, at he age of eight, a child is still learning the distinction between right and wrong, yet it seems as though there is no one to explain this to Emerson since his father is out drinking and his stepmother does not care. The farmer grieved wildly for a year; for some reason, one expression he gave to his feelings was to fire Judd(294) is the very last line of the story yet it portrays the character Of the farmer and his parenting style. He grieved wildly yet he was not there when his sons died, he was out drinking with the same man he hired to work for him so that the boys would not have to. If he had been there, the boys would not have been forced to go out into the barn. He is like a missing parent who is not in their childrens lives. Also, firing Judd shows that he is a man who cannot easily deal with guilt. Judd was probably a reminder of his carelessness and ignorance. Symbolism is used to foreshadow the death of the children which is caused by the ignorance of the adults. The stepmother ushered the children out of the house, Go on, go along and shut that door. Youre letting the cold in(289). This symbolizes that the blankets will most likely not be in the ran because, the stepmother did not even care that the boys had to go out into the cold but was more concerned about her own comfort at home. She went to find a n extra quilt to put over Lea Leila, Rosins, and Gracie Bell What was the name of that pattern? A snowflake (291) this is a clear example of symbolism in the story. The fact that the stepmother bothered to find an extra quilt for the girls symbolizes her love for them and not her stepsons whom she sent out without even gloves. Also, the pattern on the blanket is similar to a snowflake, symbolizing the cold the boys just face, both from the weather and their stepmothers heart. In were Farmers Children, the author Elizabeth Bishop blames the carelessness Of adults for the loss innocence Of children by utilizing the literary techniques allusion, characterization, and symbolism. She was trying to create awareness in adults that they should start to pay more attention to todays youth before it is too late to help those who need it. Adults tend to complain about the issues that teenagers and children have but not many take action to attempt to fix these problems.

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